The Final Vote is on.

Welcome to the blog for all things Final Vote.

Here are your candidates:

AL nominees are outfielder Jermaine Dye of the White Sox, first baseman Jason Giambi of the Yankees, outfielder Jose Guillen of the Royals, Longoria of the Rays and second baseman Brian Roberts of the Orioles.

NL nominees are outfielder Pat Burrell of the Phillies, outfielder Corey Hart of the Brewers, outfielder Carlos Lee of the Astros, outfielder Aaron Rowand of the Giants and third baseman David Wright of the Mets.

You can campaign for your choice by putting the Final Vote widget in your blog or social network profile.

Keep an eye on this space during the campaign. The voting ends at 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 10.

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I am writing from Germany, the city of Cologne
I was wondering why it has not been possible to show an update of the exact Fanal Vote Standings, instead of only
writing but not showing the numbers that way it is easier for the fans to rally for their favorite.

Keep up the good work, I will be watching online, the
Homerun show, Future game and Allstar game.


Cologne, Germany

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