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White Sox lobby-ists

Is it a political campaign office? No. It’s the lobby of the Chicago White Sox headquarters at U.S. Cellular Field. It’s hard to tell if Jermaine Dye is running down baseballs or running for office, but that is typical of the scene for 10 campaigns in the Final Vote. Let us know about any Final Vote campaign pic you might be posting.


Time for some serious campaigning

In Milwaukee, Ryan Braun and the Racing Sausages are making surprise visits to TGI Fridays and the Milkwaukee Airport terminal on Wednesday to greet people with “Hart-shaped” candies and “Vote Hart” cards — in support of Corey Hart.

In Philadelphia, the “Go to Bat for Pat” campaign heated up with an endurance contest between fans to outvote each other at Citizens Bank Park.

In Chicago and San Francisco, an outfielder alliance was announced so that the White Sox are endorsing former home-teamer Aaron Rowand of the Giants while the Giants are repaying that public support by endorsing Chicago’s Jermaine Dye. So far a lot of fans are voting a Dye-Rowand ticket.

And that kind of thing is going on everywhere there are 10 Final Vote candidates for the All-Star Game. Yes, it’s that time of year. Grassroots campaigning is getting serious. More >