Thursday schedule; predict the record total

The next Monster 2008 All-Star Game Final Vote update tentatively is scheduled for around 10 a.m. ET on Thursday at Here are the leaders in the latest update.

The ballot closes at 5 p.m. ET on Thursday. A winner from each league will be announced on shortly thereafter, bringing to 32 the total number of filled roster spots for the American and National Leagues.

It’s going to be an incredible Thursday in Major League Baseball. What is your prediction for the final record vote total? You surpassed last year’s four-day record total of 23.2 million HALFWAY through this year’s Final Vote. It was more than 33 million after the last update at 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday. Leave your predictions here as comments.

Keep voting and stay tuned.


FOR ANYONE WHOS VOTING BY CELL PHONE: when you type in the 36197 number, you can enter it in ten times. much as an email can be sent to multiple senders, so can a text. if you fill the ten address boxes with the 36197 number, thats ten votes goin out for the big g. Any questions, email me.
Lets make it happen.

The Producers of the ?Joy of Sox? film are producing a documentary on the Boston Red Sox and spirituality ? . They will be filming Red Sox fan stories in Hopkinton in a couple of weeks. They are looking for Red Sox fans who have quirky or spiritual stories about the Sox. In particular, they?re looking for fans to:
– Tell them what you do that you believe helps the Red Sox win
– Tell them why you think your prayers helped to win the World Series
– Tell them what you think you did to jinx a win
– Describe your most amazing Red Sox coincidence
– Confide your most embarrassing Red Sox superstition (wear the same socks or shirt for every game, eat only certain foods if the Sox are ahead, rally caps, etc.)
– Tell them if you believe you can affect the outcome of a game or the season
– Tell them if you believe that fans can affect a player or a game through praying, wishing, hoping, or willing
To be considered, fans need to forward a photo/headshot to and tell us why we should include you in the film. If chosen, they will contact you with a time and location.

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