Thank you for voting, and voting, and voting

It’s over.

Thank you for voting! You can relax a little bit now.

The Monster 2008 All-Star Game Final Vote began at 3 p.m. ET on Sunday and balloting concluded at 5 p.m. today. What a week. There will be more than twice as many total votes as last year announced when the winners are revealed.

Those two winning nominees in the American and National League will be announced anytime now on

Fans will have the opportunity to participate in the official voting for the Ted Williams Most Valuable Player presented by Chevrolet at the 79th All-Star Game through the Monster 2008 All-Star Game MVP Vote on

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I have been experiencing “irregularities” in my all-star voting:
i.e. whenever I change my vote, or reset to clear the A.L. pick, the vote defaults to Brandon Inge! Am I the only one experiencing this? I’d hate to think that somewhere else someone intending to vote for an A.L. pick is having their N.L. pick default to Shane Victorino.

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